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We help Modern Growth Businesses to build a Magnetic Employer Brand™️

All growth businesses have two major talent-related struggles:

Winning and keeping their ideal talents.

To never struggle in either of this is of course not entirely up to a business.

But you can certainly maximize your likelihood of success in these two struggles.

And who would have thought you could do it with smart use of words!



This is a fabulous question and definitely needs answering.

”Modern” means a frame of mind.

Our modern customer is welcoming towards new thinking and modern methods.

Their organizations are brave enough to try out new ideas and agile enough to get moving.

And most importantly, they understand the value, appreciate, and cherish a strong relationship with their talents.

A growth company means a business that is adamant about going forward.

Modern growth companies are transitioning their businesses to survive and thrive in the digitalizing world.

After all, no words will help if the core is broken.


How can Emine help my business?

If your business is located in Finland, all our regular consultation services are available to you.

If your business is located outside Finland, please contact our CEO Susanna to discuss how our online business consultation & coaching services may help you.

Building a Magnetic Employer Brand (HR Tech Outlook)

”Employer branding and recruitment marketing are two industry buzz words HR professionals often use interchangeably. However, they are distinctly different…

Bu utilizing a combination of powerful communication, storytelling, and persuasion marketing techniques, Emine helps its clients build a magnetic employer brand in the market…” 

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How Emine became one of the Top 10 Employer Branding Agencies in Europe (Our story)

”The idea of content-based recruitment marketing goes back to 2011, and my first company Heebo.. 

My only employee at the time, Janica, was a huge lifestyle blog -consumer. She introduced me to this new world of blogging.

Together with Janica, we decided to try out if blogging could work in recruiting as well. Heebo was about hiring for potential and culture-fit. Blogging was an incredible way to introduce the company culture of the employing company to its prospective applicants.

It’s hard to believe now, but back then most companies in Finland didn’t have their own blog. We started a blog on Blogger [to create a platform to host our clients’ blog posts] and named it Behind the Job Scenes… 

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 Where can I learn more about modern talent marketing and building a Magnetic Employer Brand?

If you are new to modern employer branding and talent marketing, we have an entire website including a blog, a weekly podcast, and an upcoming online Talent Marketing School where we teach what it takes to build a Magnetic Employer Brand and how to do modern talent marketing!

If you can speak (or understand) Finnish check out our Vaikuttava Työnantajabrändi -podcast and blog on this website to learn more.