Modern employer branding and recruitment marketing

We help modern growth employers achieve The Magnetic Employer Brand to win in the war for talent with the help of our renowned Magnetic Employer Branding Method™️.

About you

We help Modern Growth Businesses to achieve The Magnetic Employer Brand. ´

You are hardly not alone.

All growth businesses have two major talent-related struggles:

Winning and retaining engaged and ideal talents.

To never struggle in either of these is not entirely up to you and your organisation.

However, you can determine how much these major talent-related struggles limit your success in talent acquisition and retaining your top talents.

We are a purpose-led boutique agency based in Helsinki, Finland.

We have successfully helped many employers just like you to apply modern communication and marketing techniques to empower the Magnetic Employer Brand and start winning in the war for talent.

We operate fully remotely, creating your company a Magnetic Employer Branding strategy and helping you to execute it internally and externally in the form of messages, communication and content.

Our primary services

Strategic Employer Branding

Recruitment Marketing content & social media campaigns

Development programs for TA & EB talents

From crafting a Magnetic Employer Brand Strategy for your company to creating your Employer Brand content strategy and helping you to execute it consistently every week. We coach, create & publish the content and do data analysis to make sure your investment delivers the expected ROI.

Our Magnetic Job Post tends to seriously increase the quality and quantity of applicants in your process. To complement it with other support content and a social media campaign, it will be hard to miss the ball.

At Emine’s Talent Marketing School, we provide talent acquisition and employer branding professionals with online coaching & development programs, such as The Instant Employer Brand Accelerator™️ and the upcoming Magnetic Employer Brand Manager™️ certification program. 


How can Emine help my business?

If your business is located in Finland, all our regular consultation services are available to you.

If your business is located outside Finland, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our CEO, Susanna, to discuss how our online business consultation & coaching services can help you to build the Magnetic Employer Brand. 

Building the Modern Employer podcast!

Get familiar and learn more about modern employer branding and other talent marketing from Susanna's podcast

If you are new to modern employer branding and talent marketing, we have an entire website, including a blog and a weekly podcast to teach what it takes to build a Magnetic Employer Brand!


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