Improving inclusivity in the workplace with modern employer branding [Susanna Keynote]

Blog header Improving inclusivity with modern employer branding

Improving and developing inclusivity in the workplace is one of the key focus areas in today’s work-life. However, it is also a multifaceted task with many challenges and requires a systematic approach with top-management buy-in, humanity and humility to succeed. I was invited to share my experiences and ideas on how the Magnetic Employer Branding […]

Embracing AI in Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing

#eminenblogissa ENG Embracing AI in Employer Branding

Using AI in employer branding and recruitment marketing is no longer just an idea – it’s a game changer. But like any powerful tool, it comes with its pros and cons. Here’s what I think about how AI is reshaping employer branding and recruitment marketing, and why a human touch remains irreplaceable. The AI revolution […]

Employer Brand Manager – What it really means to carry this title?


Employer brand manager works at the intersection of HR, talent acquisition and marcoms (marketing and communications). What is this new role, and what are the differences between internal and external-focused employer brand managers? Employer Brand Manager role in a nutshell What is a good employer brand without a manager? Probably not a brand at all! […]