How Employer Branding is Incredibly Similar to Dating

#emineblogs How Employer Branding is Incredibly Similar to Dating by Susanna Rantanen

Here’s an image your employer branding brain is waiting to capture: employer branding is like dating – so much like dating. Let me explain because the logic will deepen your laughter lines. In employer branding and dating, first impressions and gradual, genuine connections pave the way to long-lasting relationships. I want you to explore how […]

Improving inclusivity in the workplace with modern employer branding [Susanna Keynote]

Blog header Improving inclusivity with modern employer branding

Improving and developing inclusivity in the workplace is one of the key focus areas in today’s work-life. However, it is also a multifaceted task with many challenges and requires a systematic approach with top-management buy-in, humanity and humility to succeed. I was invited to share my experiences and ideas on how the Magnetic Employer Branding […]