Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing content and social media recruitment campaigns, landing pages for recruitment campaigns and revamping your job posts into Emine’s Magnetic Job Post™️. 

Truly persuasive recruitment communication and marketing

When you are ready to start your recruitment success story

Nothing is more critical in your recruitment campaign than a clear and persuasive recruitment message.

You can pour all your marketing budget into your campaign and still fail unless your message convinces the target talent to act.

Did you know that a persuasive recruitment message often creates better ROI than oversized advertising spend?

Stop wasting time and money on recruitment campaigns that lack impact and fail to meet your expectations.

Try and see! Our recruitment campaign support on social media starts as low as 100 € (+ vat)!

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P.S. We create all content and campaigns with the customer’s own brand and direct traffic to your career pages.

Examples of our recruitment marketing services

The Magnetic Job Post™️

When Susanna first created the Magnetic Job Post™️, our then-client, Solita, said the recruitment campaigns we designed and oversaw for them turned into a tsunami of candidates.

This job post template is truly effective! 

Based on an interview with the hiring manager, we formulate the Magnetic Job Post™️ tailored to your vacancy, set out the social media campaign for it and, well, you should be ready to start receiving lots of applications!


Targeted Recruitment Campaigns on Social Media

Social media is an incredibly effective platform for marketing and advertising companies’ recruitment needs and recruitment content.

We plan and execute campaigns on your behalf using your name and brand on social media platforms that are optimal for the open job position’s search profile.

Diverse content creation

We create a variety of recruitment-supporting content, ranging from social media campaign posts to article content, from photo bank images to recruitment videos, and using marketing methods for recruitment lead generation.

Additionally, we design and implement recruitment campaign websites and career page sections with conversion-focused content.

If needed, we can handle the technical implementation of websites through our partner on WordPress platforms.

Other services to enhance recruitment success

  • Market analysis for talent acquisition (including competitive landscape, salary levels, and recruitment marketing channels)
  • Automated generation of recruitment leads into the recruitment funnel through digital marketing
  • Writing automated applicant messages to improve the candidate experience
  • Development of recruitment marketing and communication skills for managers, as well as coaching programs for social recruitment

"You really created a recruitment tsunami. We received more applications in a few weeks than in the entire previous year!"

Jonne Seppä, (Director (at the time), Solita Oy)

"With Emine, there hasn't been that feeling of it being the same service and product sold to everyone. We bounced ideas back and forth with Leon and gained expert insights into what might not be worth doing. That's why I felt a strong sense of trust and a fresh vibe from the company. Very professional and courteous, with excellent references.

Not many people in Tampere knew about Emine before, but now they do. I've praised that Emine is a gem that shouldn't be lost."

Tiina Lautala, Expert in Human Resources Management and Workplace Well-being

"The overall package starting from recruitment ads is more appealing and generates more interest. Spontaneous feedback from applicants saying 'so interesting, had to apply' speaks to that difference; whether we're writing a list of requirements or a sales ad. Emine has a sales-oriented approach that fits well with recruitment across all writers."