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Emine’s and Susanna Rantanen’s popular podcast is targeted at all of you wanting to develop professionally in employer branding and talent marketing. The weekly ‘Building a Modern Employer Brand Podcast,’ educates, inspires, keeps you up-to-date, and challenges your thinking – in a good way, we promise!

"Warning! This podcast will permanently change your perception of employer branding development."

Tanja Recruitment Manager

"...and once again, these great tips have been learned from Susanna Rantanen and the renowned podcast."

Sofia Employer Branding and Employee Experience Blogger

"I really liked the [episode content] again! Thank you for opening up the significance of the matter once again!"

Eveliina Job Search and Employer Branding Professional

"This is also one of my all-time favorites! And I admire Susanna Rantanen's pioneering spirit and grit in podcasting!"

Laura CEO, Social Selling Expert


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