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Build and sustain your Magnetic Employer Brand with our Magnetic Employer Branding Method™️ applying Business Storytelling to Match Talent Minds with Your Mission! 

Business Storytelling to Match Talent Minds with Your Mission

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Say hello to Instagram SEO

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Celebrating Success: Magnet Awards 2024 Winners Shine Bright in Employer Branding Excellence

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How Employer Branding is Incredibly Similar to Dating

We help growth minded businesses solve critical talent attraction and retention challenges through persuasive internal and external communication, content and social media marketing and data-driven employer branding.

As our client, you gain an experienced talent branding and marketing guide as your trusted advisor.

We are the long-term partner who helps you overcome business-critical talent attraction and retention challenges and thrive as a talent attraction and retention hero.

We are ideal if you are looking for a flexible partner with experience and empathy for your talent struggle. We have a plan for you and will provide you with a long-term vision for success.

Imagine a partner who can carry you through the ups and downs of the employer branding
marathon and pick you up when you feel like quitting.

A trusted partner who channels you an abundance of opportunities to regularly start witnessing a positive change in talent attraction and retention and enjoy that vital sense of accomplishment.

We meet you exactly where you are right now to give you a concrete plan for success in the most flexible, collaborative, and resource efficient way, with your professional success and growth as our priority.

Collaborating with us at Emine

1. Working together

You get one or more of us as your expert employer branding colleagues to work ‘hand-in-hand’ with you in a role where we together see you gaining the most benefit from our knowledge and experience. 

2. We do the magic on your behalf!

We provide you with implementation—and execution-ready strategies, content plans, and content—and even publish it to help you build your talent community on social media. We brainstorm talent marketing concepts that best help you deliver goals with your available budget and manage your talent marketing tasks according to plans.

3. We coach and teach you how to execute and implement

We transform our top-notch talent branding, marketing and communications knowledge and skills to you through coaching, training or as part of our monthly retainer services.

Extremely Content Clients!

NPS +75!

Elina Mauno

“Emine’s team doesn’t let you off the hook easily. Which is fantastic!” 

Mirka Palm

“We had such a conservative, unnoticeable employer brand image despite our own people having a wonderful employee experience. We called for Susanna’s help to clarify who we are and who we can be for our future employees. We were so happy with what we got! We wanted our employer brand to be authentic, and that’s exactly what Emine provided for us [through their unique method].”

A Happy Customer

“Marketing agencies are terrible at sticking with the truth and authenticity. And that fails to serve the purpose of talent acquisition. You notice the difference between copy text from a marketing agency that doesn’t understand talent acquisition. Emine’s team have a background in leadership, HR and talent acquisition. That really makes a difference.”

How to get rid of your talent struggles?

You are only three simple steps away from a future without talent-related anxiety and stress!

Book a call with us

Let’s diagnose your pain points, spar a little bit and think of an action plan forward.

We'll come up with a concrete plan

Our experts ideate and present you the best solution based on your goals and available resources. 

Then, we roll our sleeves up and get on it!

When you are ready to make the decision, we will deliver the agreed solution either on behalf you, together with you or teaching you how to do it. 

How clear and authentic are your current talent communication and marketing?

Have someone outside your organisation take a quick look at your career pages, job posts and other talent marketing content. 

Ask them to give you honest feedback about the clarity and authenticity of your messages.

Can they explain in their own words what kind of an employer you are, to whom and what sets you apart from other similar employers?

If not, your messages are likely to be ignored by your target audiences when you could be winning their attention, minds and hearts.

Magnetic Employer Branding Method™️

Our proprietary Magnetic Employer Branding Method™️, crafted by Susanna Rantanen, is a methodological approach based on science, and it comes with a data-driven and goal-oriented content marketing system.

This method helps your target audiences envision how becoming part of your business’ story impacts their careers and helps them achieve better lives.  

When you build your employer brand with this method, your employer branding team knows exactly what success looks like and finds joy in working with specific branding and marketing goals, objectives and KPIs.

Because of this, you always know what to focus on and what to say no to comfortably.

Your employer branding budget becomes a business investment, not a cost, and you have the support and buy-in of top management.

Instant Employer Brand Accelerator Method™️

Our proprietary Instant Employer Brand Accelerator Method™️, crafted by Susanna Rantanen, is another methodological approach based on science that comes with a data-driven and goal-oriented content marketing system for talent acquisition.

This method integrates employer branding into your recruitment marketing process and turns each recruitment process into an employer brand accelerator.

This method is targeted especially for organisations where strategic employer branding is not an option or employer branding budget is targeted to recruitment campaigns instead of a long-term strategy.

With this method, your talent acquisition gets a data-driven recruitment marketing system, resulting in better hiring success, improved candidate experiences and better employer brand awareness.

An Inspiring Forerunner

Founded by a wife-and-husband team, Emine has long been considered an inspiring forerunner and an employer branding influencer in this field.

Our CEO and co-founder, Susanna, has been actively building the employer branding industry and winning talent marketing methods since 2012.

Mitä työnantajakuvan kehittämättä jättäminen maksaa teille?

The war for talent and talent expectations have gotten tougher year by year. What if the talents your business truly needs are not reading job posts, have mistaken beliefs about your business and not vibing with your organisation?

What does it cost your business not to build a Magnetic Employer Brand?

What does it cost your business to pay head hunters to find you the talent you need? Imagine what you could accomplish if you spent even just a fraction of your annual head hunting budget building a Magnetic Employer Brand..


How is your bottom line going to be impacted when delays in talent acquisition while watching your best talents walk out on you forces your sales people to turn down new sales?

What say you?

Shall we book that call and discuss what becoming a Magnetic Employer could mean for you and your employer?