Online Sparring

Are you struggling with a specific aspect of recruitment marketing, candidate communication, or employer branding? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Choose either a one-time online coaching session or a longer-term coaching package with one of our experts.

Explore the topics

During one coaching session, you'll have time to address three questions. You can also purchase more than one coaching session.

Online Sparring

Recruitment marketing and communication

350 € (+ VAT) |  60 min

This coaching theme is suitable for you if you’re pondering on anything related to recruitment marketing (campaigns), recruitment messages, or recruitment communication.

Online Sparring

Magnetic Employer Brand, Career Pages, and Social Media

350 € (+ VAT) |  60 min

This coaching theme is suitable for you if you’re grappling with questions and choices related to developing and marketing your employer brand.

In English

Employer Brand Sparring in English

350 € (+VAT) | 1 h

Schedule a sparring session with Susanna when you need clarity for your employer brand planning.

Online Sparring

Strategy Coaching

400 € / h (+ alv) | 1 h

Emine’s Susanna provides coaching on strategy-related questions, such as making strategic choices and understanding and selecting strategic goals and metrics.

Here's what you need to do:

Summarize your coaching needs

Phrase your coaching needs as specific questions.

In a one-hour coaching session, we typically have time to address 3-5 coaching questions.

Make a reservation and payment

To book a coaching session, please contact us via email. You can either reach out directly to your preferred coach or send a general coaching inquiry to our shared email address using the button below.


  1. In your email, include your coaching questions and briefly describe your situation.
  2. Propose three alternative time slots that work for you within the next 2-3 weeks.
  3. Attach/include the paying company’s business ID, possible reference, and invoicing details for online invoicing.


Coaching sessions will be invoiced online once the coaching time is confirmed. The payment term is 14 days net.

See you online!

Once a suitable online coaching time has been agreed upon, we’ll send you a Google Meet invitation for the scheduled time. If you have any preferences or specific requirements for the meeting platform, please let us know, and we’ll accommodate accordingly. Looking forward to our session!

"The sparring session provided me with ideas and insights that will help me get started effectively! Siiri posed insightful questions that aid in furthering the development and planning of our employer brand. Once our team has advanced the employer branding plan a bit further, I might book another sparring session."

This adjustment reflects a shift from a traditional coaching model to a more collaborative and equal partnership, often implied by the term "sparring."

Anne Huttunen, HR Coordinator, Exove

"The sparring sessions allowed me to take a break from daily business operations and address the intense thought blocks caused by development work.

Through the discussions held during the sessions, I was able to view both the company and the topic being sparred on in a significantly more objective manner, in my opinion.

The agreed-upon schedules and goals encouraged and helped me to keep the momentum going even between monthly sparring sessions. I felt that as a result, things progressed, and my motivation remained high throughout."

Mourad Daifi, Principal consultant & partner, Advian Oy

"Siiri's career page sparring was a pleasant surprise for me. I approached it with a bit of skepticism, wondering if new ideas would emerge since I already have experience in the field. However, after just an hour, my head was full of new ideas!

I feel that the sparring definitely added value, and within the hour, we managed to cover a wide range of topics, from recruitment pages to more strategic talent management through marketing.

Overall, the sparring session had a very relaxed and upbeat atmosphere! I would highly recommend it to anyone considering building career pages, seeking a small update, or just looking for opinions and new ideas!"

Emilia Hellgren, Nordic Marketing Specialist, Evondos

"The sparring session was incredibly rewarding and valuable for me. Tanja provided answers and support to the questions that had been on my mind.

I particularly appreciated receiving direct advice and practical tips (such as post cycles, time management, and content gathering)."

Anni HR Business Partner

What is online sparring?

Online sparring is a personal coaching session conducted via the internet with an expert from Emine.

You have a specific question, problem, or issue related to Emine’s expertise that you want to discuss with the expert to make progress.

During a one-hour sparring session, you can address up to three issues related to talent marketing. The time allocated depends on the complexity of your questions.

Sparring is conducted through discussion, clarifying the thoughts of the coachee, and providing insights.

Online sparring can be arranged as one-off sessions or regular sparring sessions. Regular sparring sessions are suitable for supporting larger internal development projects that the coachee progresses on their own.

A single sparring session lasts for 60 minutes.

A typical regular sparring session is a 2-hour session once a month. The regular sparring starts with planning the development project and continues until the project is completed. If you want to start regular sparring, first book a 60-minute introductory session according to the topic of sparring from our expert’s calendar.

What topics can I get sparring from Emine on?

We’ll spar you in the areas we truly master, namely clarifying your thoughts in situations concerning recruitment, employer branding, and building employer brand.


Sparring involves mentoring discussions between an expert and the one being sparred.

The sparred issue is clear and defined, often a problem that the sparred individual has been unable to solve on their own.

Sparring does not include any teaching materials, pre-preparations, or actions taken after the sparring session.

The sparred individual uses the Eminen expert for the purchased time as a sounding board, a clarifier of thoughts, and a resolver of mental knots.

Training is a prepared, broader educational package that involves a significant amount of planning and preparation before the training and the training event itself.

The sparring session is invoiced via e-invoice. E-invoicing details and the paying company's VAT number must be provided when making the email reservation.

The online sparring is confirmed only after receiving the invoicing details.

The payment term is 14 days net.

We can best prevent this by carefully considering beforehand which questions you need answers to.

Include the questions you want to discuss with us in the email reservation.

Also, not all questions have a right or wrong answer. In such cases, we will propose several suitable options.

If your need for sparring involves a question or topic we are unable to address, we will inform you in the reservation message.

Please note that the available sparring time limits the number of questions that can be addressed. The clearer your questions, the more likely you are to receive answers to them.

These things happen, unexpected situations that rearrange schedules!

By default, the reservation will be rescheduled for the next available time slot.

Please note the cancellation terms. See the next section.

Cancellation terms:

If your sparring session is canceled more than 14 days in advance of the scheduled date, and the session has already been paid for, we will refund the full online sparring fee.
If your sparring session is canceled 7-14 days in advance, we will refund 50% of the fee already paid.
If your sparring session is canceled less than 7 days in advance, we will retain or invoice the full fee.

No worries! Please inform us when making the reservation.

The sparring partner will then arrange with you for you to invite them to the meeting using your company's preferred application (such as Teams or Zoom).