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The Magnetic Employer Brand Method™️, employer branding, describing and summarizing strategic corporate culture for change and growth organizations, recruitment marketing, candidate communication, career pages, and recruitment pages, necessary content production for social media, career pages, recruitment campaigns, and employer branding, as well as various HR marketing coaching sessions.

Influencing your target audience

We guide modern growth companies in influencing their target audience through marketing communication methods.

Magnetic Employer Branding Method™️

Emine and Susanna have developed a unique method for creating and systematically implementing impactful employer brands, particularly suited for rapidly growing companies, large organizations undergoing change, and entrepreneur-led SMEs.

For long-term employer branding work, we offer diverse content production for the web and social media alongside strategy work, as well as regular employer branding partnership with monthly billing.

Did you know that this method propelled Emine onto the TOP 10 Employer Branding Agencies in Europe list by the American HR Tech and has been described as a “revolutionary” method in employer branding?

Recruitment marketing

Recruitment marketing strategies, content, messaging, campaigns, and campaign websites online and on social media, both as individual components and as comprehensive packages.

With our assistance, modern employers integrate social recruiting and/or systematic recruitment lead generation into strategic recruitment efforts through marketing methods.

Courses and training

We offer both customized talent marketing coaching sessions and coaching programs for clients, as well as Emine’s own coaching and development programs in both Finnish and English.

Coaching areas: Recruitment marketing (excluding advertising), candidate experience, employer branding development on social media using content marketing methods, expert branding.

We also provide online coaching sessions billed per hour on specific topics and focal points.

Strategic corporate culture

Strategic changes, mergers, acquisitions, and rapid business scaling permanently transform a company’s operational culture. Our Strategic Corporate Culture method enables you to assess the present state of your corporate culture and define the desired future state, aligning with your strategic priorities.

We guide you in outlining the characteristics of a corporate culture that underpins your strategic implementation efforts. This includes initiating cultural change through effective communication and understanding how the envisioned culture influences key factors, such as recruitment profiles.

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Online Sparring

What if you could leverage Emine's expertise to solve a specific talent marketing challenge?

Well now you can! Order an hour of online coaching from us, and our experts will help you clarify your thoughts and choose the best course of action.