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I heart your culture

Last week I posted about employee experience defining employer brand as heads up for my track at #truHelsinki. Today we had a great conversation about the topic (any many other interesting topics) and as a recap, I wanted to summarise our thoughts:

1) Experience does truly define the employer brand

2) If externally the image is ”grand”, it can be a major let down to realize it’s not something the company lives up to on a daily basis

3) It’s always better to under promise and over deliver than the other way around

4) Since experience is fully to do with people and their behaviour, employer brand is pretty hard to get 100% solid

5) The most important areas where attention really needs to be given to give great employee experience are:

  • Website, especially the career page
  • Recruitment process, especially candidate communication in a human and timely manner
  • Selection process, especially with candidates that are not selected forward
    • Example: Disney offers some sort of a career counselling package to the few final candidates who did not get the job in order to support them to get a job elsewhere
    • Example: Fazer (has sent or still sends) a letter of rejection (terrible word, but you get the point) with a Fazer chocolate bar to all non-selectees to give away a caring final touch
  • On-boarding, to make sure the new comer has a great, welcoming experience and solid understanding of what they will start doing in the company and what the company does as this is the point where most employees truly talk about the new employer to their peers

We all agreed that leadership has the most effect on the employee experience and thereafter employer brand.  For leadership to support giving a great employee experience, a focus on building a strong culture of the elements and behaviour we reward support and want to build on, and then select leaders according to these cultural values is probably the only way to impact employee experience positively through leadership.

More to come on the other topics we discussed today! You can also gather a good view on  the topics on Twitter checking #truhelsinki.