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Instant Employer Brand Accelerator™️

Revamp your recruitment process with employer brand marketing and communication to become a more attractive employer in just one year. Online coaching & development program for in-house recruiters individually or in a group setting.

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Program Description

Instant Employer Brand Accelerator™️

The method we learn in this program is completely different to what I’m used to, and it’s super interesting! I also love that each week we actually put into practice what we learn.

Julia Larkka, HR Partner

My coach gave me feedback and replied to my questions really quickly. I was able to move forward with the process development steps swiftly without having to burden my colleagues.

Veera Hakola, Talent Acquisition Partner

One thing I found really useful at the start of this program was a task where I was asked to browse through the career sites and social media profiles of our competitors to help see what makes us different. Going through those made me feel I’ve done a good job and I can actually do this [talent marketing] even though I don’t consider myself a ”real” professional in this

Anu Kytölä, HR Specialist

This program exceeded my expectations completely. Weekly tasks and educational content worked well together and made learning pleasant. Coaches were always available and made me welcome to ask them anything. I work in many areas of HR, and this program made me see recruiting in a whole new way. I’m looking forward to executing our revamped recruitment process!

Julia Larkka, HR Partner

I’ve experienced so many a-ha moments during this program! Whenever I make a purchase from your company, it is always worth the investment. You guys are so professional! It makes me trust I will succeed with what I learn from you!

Julia Larkka, HR Partner

Overall, the educational content in this program has a lot of new and inspiring topics that are very useful for me in my work. The sparring and feedback I received from my coach were always timely and met my expectations.

Veera Hakola, Talent Acquisition Partner

Program Description

What you achieve

Coaching Content

What you get during this program

*) Depending on the type of program you opted for.
This program is part of Talent Marketing School, and all educational and group content will be in English. Personal sparring sessions are offered in Finnish or English.

Program Content

Program Schedule & Topics

Weeks 1-2:

Personal Audit Questionnaire followed by Master Plan & First Online Coaching Session.


Week 3:

Module 1:

The Basics of Modern Employer Branding

Differentiating employer brand marketing and communication from recruitment marketing and campaigns.


Week 4:

Module 2:

Integrating employer brand communication and marketing into your recruitment process.

Pre – During – Post marketing and communications and improved candidate experiences impacting employer reputation.


Weeks 5-6:

Module 3:

Creating your recruitment messages and key content according to the Magnetic Employer Brand Method™️.

Crafting your revamped recruitment marketing templates, such as a job post template and recruitment process communication messages, to improve candidate experiences and influence employer attractiveness.


Weeks 7-8:

Module 4:

Marketing goals & measuring campaign success

Setting marketing goals, selecting metrics for the revamped recruitment campaigns, and learning to use data to evaluate marketing success.


Weeks 9-10:

Module 5:

Creating your employer brand marketing plan and posts for your first revamped recruitment process.

Ideating and generating your Key Messages for your employer brand marketing content, learning persuasive content creation techniques and crafting your actual post copytexts for your first revamped recruitment marketing campaign.


Weeks 11-12:

Module 6:

Putting it all together and getting ready to kick off.

Implementing your key routines and prepping your recruitment team/colleagues for the kickoff of your new revamped recruitment process, followed by the final online coaching session.

During this program, you truly develop a new process and lots of materials for it! Unlike with many other courses where you only learn and never have time to implement your learnings.”

Veera Hakola, Talent Acquisition Partner

All the content was super high quality! I experienced multiple ”aha-moments”! The coaches had everything so well prepared for us.

Julia Larkka, HR Partner

I joined this coaching program because our recruitment process needed revamping. This program gave me knowledge, tools and personal support to revamp our recruitment process. I strongly recommend it!

Anu Kytölä, HR Specialist

My coach gave me feedback and replied to my questions really quickly. I was able to move forward with the process development steps swiftly without having to burden my colleagues.

Veera Hakola, Talent Acquisition Partner

How much does this cost?

The Cost to Enroll in the Instant Employer Brand Accelerator™️ program

12 weeks with personalized coaching

2799 € / US $3100 / AUS $4650

when paid in full. We also offer an extended payment plan at 1040 € / US $1145 / AUS $1705 monthly for 3 months. Pay in full and save 10%.

VAT is added for those purchasing in Finland.

Please notice we have limited capacity for personal coaching. Contact us for availability.


12 weeks independently on-demand without personalized coaching

1799 € / US $1985 / AUS $2977

when paid in full. We also offer an extended payment plan at 660 € / US $728/ AUS $1092 monthly for 3 months. Pay in full and save 10%.

VAT is added for those purchasing in Finland.

Start when suitable for you. Access to program content for 12 weeks from the start.


12 weeks with employer specific group coaching (everyone working on the same goals and plan)

Ask us for a quote based on your group size.

What do I need to do to take part in this program?

How to Get Started

This is simple. The ONLY thing you have to do is contact us so that we can schedule a short Google Meets (or Teams) and talk about your goals and expectations and whether this program and we are the right ones for you!

Head Coach for This Program

Susanna Rantanen

Your Head Coach in this Program is Susanna Rantanen.

She us known as the Finnish pioneer in modern employer branding and talent marketing and has done a decade’s worth of work to develop the entire employer branding and recruitment marketing industry in Finland, and now also outside Finland.

The modern Magnetic Employer Branding Method™️ (Vaikuttava TyönantajabrändiⓇ) she developed put her family business Employer Branding Agency Emine in the European map in 2020 as one of the Top 10 Employer Branding Agencies in Europe. And the method was noted as a game changer in the employer branding landscape by a US-based HR Tech Outlook.

She is known as a highly professional, knowledgeable and inspiring coach and speaker. And her content as an educator, speaker and podcaster focus on practical examples instead of theories.

Like all of her educational content, also this program leans on the Magnetic Employer Branding Method™️ and invites you to integrate this unique approach into your work.