The 6 Benefits of Short-Form Videos

The 6 Benefits of Short-Form Videos blog header

Short-form video is the best content option for employer brand marketing on social media. Short-form videos are incredibly effective, especially in today’s fast-paced digital landscape, for several reasons. Let’s take a quick look at those reasons. Six reasons why short-form video makes highly effective content #1 Attention Span The average attention span of social media […]

AI in Marketing – How AI is Revolutionising Talent Attraction

AI in Marketing - How AI is Revolutionising Talent Attraction

AI in marketing makes a great storyline. Let’s try! Once upon a time, a new player entered the arena in the ever-evolving world of Human Resources, changing the game forever. This wasn’t a person nor a business but a force: Artificial Intelligence (AI). In a field where strategy, content, and even creativity have long reigned […]

Employer Brand Manager – What it really means to carry this title?


Employer brand manager works at the intersection of HR, talent acquisition and marcoms (marketing and communications). What is this new role, and what are the differences between internal and external-focused employer brand managers? Employer Brand Manager role in a nutshell What is a good employer brand without a manager? Probably not a brand at all! […]