Using Trello in Employer Branding

#emineblogs Blog Header with text Using Trello in Employer Branding by Susanna Rantanen & Nora Nykänen

Are you using Trello in employer branding yet? If you have worked with us, you are already familiar with using Trello Board in the content creation process for employer branding. Trello is a versatile and user-friendly project management tool that empowers teams and individuals to organise tasks, projects, and ideas on a digital board. We […]

Improving inclusivity in the workplace with modern employer branding [Susanna Keynote]

Blog header Improving inclusivity with modern employer branding

Improving and developing inclusivity in the workplace is one of the key focus areas in today’s work-life. However, it is also a multifaceted task with many challenges and requires a systematic approach with top-management buy-in, humanity and humility to succeed. I was invited to share my experiences and ideas on how the Magnetic Employer Branding […]