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Business Storytelling to Match Talents with Your Mission

Imagine if shortage of the right talent was not slowing down your business growth.

Imagine if your business was regularly able to attract and hire talents ideal to your strategic needs, your values, and your culture. 

Imagine if you could fix these challenges simply by a systematic, modern employer branding method. 

Would you be interested in finding out more?


The Modern Employer Branding Method

“It is a strategic framework and a systematic marketing method I developed the modern growth companies in mind who struggle in the war for talent of the digital age.”

– Susanna Rantanen, the Concept Creator –

by Susanna Rantanen for modern growth companies of the digital age.

This modern method we named The Eminent Employer Branding Method©️ allows HR marketing teams  to take high impact marketing actions, get more done and experience visible results in talent marketing efforts. With the support of the framework, you will also be in a better place to say no to ideas out-of-scope, likely to highjack your time and energy.

This unique employer branding concept is based on business storytelling to match your ideal talent minds with your mission. As a result, your business is likely to attract and appeal to talents your business will need to achieve your growth-related goals.


Modern Employer Branding Strategy

Our strategic framework fits in a few pages yet gives you an ultimate sense of control over successful execution and delivery of measurable results.

Key Talent Segmentation

Identifying your strategically ideal talents and their career-related needs and drivers is paramount in successful employer branding. We help you with that.

Talent Marketing Funnel

Planning and setting up your talent marketing funnel to reach and drive your key talent segments to a candidate journey with your business.

Inspirational Content

Our method uses various copywriting techniques to create better content: content that wins attention, raises curiosity, appeals on an emotional level and inspires target audiences to act. 


Content Marketing

This is the most cost-efficient way to engage and enter into a dialogue with the digital talent. You will need a content marketing plan & schedule to focus on relevant content and get rid of any content clutter on your desk.

Optimizing Success

The impact of employer branding can only be optimized when talent marketing is data-driven. Our method keeps taps on how the content performs, drives results and delivers you the goals set in the employer brand strategy.

Make Your Employer Branding a Priority.

we certainly will.

I encourage all businesses complaining about the shortage of talent to calculate how much they spend on head hunting candidates for vacancies. I bet most of these companies could save money and end up accumulating inbound recruiting leads if they chose to invest in proper employer branding. 
– Tanja Kanerva

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