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I’m delivering a training next week for HR Werkosto about the future of employer branding. Before my part, Stefan Hyttfors, who is a very inspiring trendspotter and futurologist is giving us his view on the future of employer branding. Stefan and I had a very interesting chat this morning and I am very much looking forward to hearing his full version next week.

Employer image is becoming more and more important critical for companies. We can no longer talk about employer branding, as being perceived as an inspiring organisation cannot really be purchased. To me branding is about purposefully creating a vision of an image we would like to be, and then paying money to advertise it.

Developing employer image is another story. An attractive and inspiring employer image cannot be purchased. It can only be earnerd and getting there requires commitment and consistency. The future of employer branding will be about your image and ability to inspire, influence behaviour and deliver on promises.

Stefan said it in a great way:

”If your mission is money driven, that’s all you will talk about. In practise, you’ll be spending your time talking about salaries and salary increases.”

US based food chain Wholefoods is a great example of  mission driven organisation. If you study their values and mission, you’ll see their way of doing business focuses highly on caring about the local communities. Their mission inspires people. It makes them attractive as an employer, as a place to buy  food as well as a delivery channel of food products.

There are many evidence of mission driven companies out performing their competition. Stefan and I both wonder why shareholders are not pressing management to focus on mission instead of money, if the obvious outcome is money? Are you in the business of making money or burning money?

It all sounds very well, but how does it translate into practical every day work?  There is one single process that influences image way more than anything else. And I’ll talk about it next week at the event. And if you’re interested, I can blog about it after that.